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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Victorian Parliament votes on cloning today!

In Victorian Parliament there will be a vote on cloning today (or at the latest tomorrow) in the Lower House. This is an urgent action alert. Please email some or all of the following Memembers of Parliament, writing your name and your reasons for opposing cloning.

This Bill, if passed by both houses, will: Legalise cloning of human beings Allow the creation of animal-human hybrids Allow the use of aborted baby girl's premature ova cells to create clones

Please email some of the following members, who represent undecided voted, and tell them that they must oppose this cloning Bill.

Please write out the emails individually and address them to the politican concerned (if you send to all at once they won't think you bothered to contact them individually).

Marcel White

Christine Fyffe MP
Mr Neale Burgess MP
Mr Luke Donnellan MP
Mr Benedict Hardman MP
The Honourable Dr Denis Vincent Napthine
Mr Daniel Andrews MP

Also if you know what your local member's name is, give them a call at parliament house and tell them TO VOTE AGAINST THE CLONING BILL. I cannot stress how urgent this is. Call the parliament switchboard on 9651 8911, and ask for that member's office.

This email was sent by Marcel White, Right to Life Australia, 9387 7098, 0415765742 to jefferson.tan@gmail.com

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