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Friday, December 15, 2006

Let's be consistent

This is logical. If there are rights for the disabled, then those rights should consistently cover the unborn who are disabled.

What lies behind the drive to abort on the basis of the unborn's disability? The attitude that drives one to advocate such a decision will also advocate a decision to destroy the disabled who are already born. If one thinks that death is preferable for an unborn with a disability, then that extends to the living. As the message from Feminists for Life below asks, will you tell that to someone to his face? To extend this a bit further (consistency allows for that), what does this say about wanting to abort any unborn, even a healthy one? I'm not talking about cases where women are forced into abortion, or who are lied to about abortion as the only option, or as something trivial. When a carefully deliberated decision is made to abort, does that reason also extend to those already born?

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