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Monday, December 04, 2006

Humanae Vitae predictions (prophecies?) -- and the checklist full of checks

Louise points out the elephant in the room: Pope Paul VI (of happy memory) made several predictions about what will happen if contraception became entrenched in society. As far as checklists go, this one was fairly easy to verify.

On a separate thread of thought, I'd always marveled at the Enemy's widely successful deception. Sadly, the victims are women, and the cause of true feminism, where women gained their rightful place in society: free, cherished and loved. The Enemy, through the 60s and 70s it seems, noted that man's often cruel and truly unjust exploitation of women was now being challenged. There were women's rights movements all over western societies. The Enemy used this to its advantage by twisting the whole struggle. The result is a continued (and, in many ways, worse) exploitation of women -- but this time, through the willing complicity of women themselves. Women were discriminated against by men, but by making women fight for the right to become men, i.e., behave like men, women are now being discriminated against by other women. This is certainly how I perceive the ultra-feminist disdain for motherhood. There was the struggle to make men take more responsibility with having children, but contraception is entirely about men avoiding the responsibility. The burden of being contraceptive, including the devices or drugs necessary, falls on the shoulders of women. That also includes the health risks, e.g., the cancer risks of chemical contraceptives and abortion, as well as the psychological risks of the latter. The strangest twist of all is that women used to struggle against the objectification of the female sexuality for the lust of men -- now women are trained to think that men must behave that way (they do not!) and that women are okay with that.

Have you read Humanae Vitae? If not, you should. In scientific circles, when empirical evidence backs up theory, people have to pay attention. The predictions of the encyclical have empirical merit. Sit up and pay attention.

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