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Friday, August 04, 2006

What do we know about the war between Israel and Hezbollah?

Not as much as we think. Here's a few thought-provoking reports collected by Amy Welborn:

  • A Christian from the village of Ain Ebel .. reported that he found Hezbollah fighters setting up a launcher on his rooftop. Hezbollah fighters ignored his pleas to stop and fired the missiles. He immediately gathered his family and fled his home, which was bombed 15 minutes later by an Israeli air strike.
  • Hezbollah has also attempted to stop Christians from fleeing their villages.
  • "Contrary to Western press reports.. 90 percent of Christians, 80 percent of Sunni and 40 percent of Shiites in Lebanon oppose Hezbollah," (Sam) El-Khoury told Christian Solidarity International.
  • CNN "senior international correspondent" Nic Robertson admitted that his anti-Israel report from Beirut on July 18 about civilian casualties in Lebanon, was stage-managed from start to finish by Hizbullah. ... Robertson acknowledged that Hizbullah militants had instructed the CNN camera team where and what to film.

Technologically advanced though we might be in this 21st century, we can be terribly remiss when it comes to gathering information. It all comes from the notion that something published has got to be true. Not so in this generation where truth is often as malleable as putty in the hands of the creative. There has never been a greater need for critical thinking and diligent truth-seeking.

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