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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Painting Over the Truth

Some truths are basic. They are so basic that they are deeply in-grained, etched consistently and insistently, both within and outside of our beings. Such is the basic truth of marriage and family. Those who oppose this truth bitterly may resort to something we often do: we cover up. We put rugs over marred surfaces of our floors. We spray air freshener to hide bad odors. We use cosmetic surgery to fool the senses about how old we really are. Yet some truths are so obvious that they stand out. Even our children pick them up. There is no need to lecture them in primary school about the nuclear family having a mother and a father. They pick it up because they can see for themselves. Those who seek to club this truth to a pulp claw desperately for their last option: they must paint over it with their own doctrines, and they have to do it very early, in primary school.

God help us.

The trouble with the air freshener mentality is that, no matter how much nicer the air seems to smell, it doesn't get rid of the toxins. No matter how much younger those faces may look, it does not help them live a day longer -- for that you need good food, exercise, lots of water and sleep -- stuff that matter in substance, not appearance. The truth sucks, but it beats a vehemently self-inflicted delusional state any day of the week. People who settle for manufactured truths are settling for crumbs. They should just wake up and work on their problems, not on the cover-up. They deserve better.


Anonymous said...

And what exactly should homosexuals do?

Live a life of celibacy?

Join the priesthood?

Date members of the opposite sex?

Waiting for an answer...

Jeff Tan said...

When I think of those who have homosexual inclinations, I always think of it as a heavy cross to bear. But we all have heavy crosses, often the type where what we want most, we cannot have or should not have. Being deprived of some want or what we perceive as a need is not easy. But we're rational beings.

We can look at a situation and tell ourselves that life can be what we make of it. Gay people will probably not be happy pretending about who they are in a heterosexual marriage. Neither will they be happy pretending that a homosexual union is a marriage.

They can tell themselves what every person -- heterosexual or homosexual -- must know: that they have free will and reason, stronger than their sexual appetites, capable of chastity for the sake of principle, a higher purpose, fear of STDs, and even foresight. They can turn their backs on a lifestyle that puts their health, safety and peace at risk.

They can love themselves enough to know that there is so much more to them than their same-sex attraction.

I can't pretend to know how heavy that cross is for homosexuals, but I do know that the embraced gay lifestyle leads to misery. No one should have to take that road.