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Friday, June 23, 2006

Freedom of speech -- unless you're Catholic

Well that appears to be the case for Robert J. Smith who was fired for exercising his right. No, he wasn't charged with some offence -- just fired from his job. (Story found via Mark Shea's blog).


Anonymous said...

I love guys like Smith.

By showing their true moronic colors, Catholics speed their course towards irrelevance and death.

Is it any wonder that the more these faux followers of Christ pipe up about the evils of homosexuals, the more accepting the American people become of gays?

Every time the Federal Marriage Amendment comes to a vote, the American people learn how stupid and hateful these "christians" are. And the polling numbers in favor of bigotry sliding lower and lower.

Keep up the good work Buchanan, Smith, and the Nazi youth Pope!!

Jeff Tan said...

Heh. Irrelevance and death, eh? You wish. The more the world loses its sense of right and wrong, the more relevant the gospel becomes.

BTW we're not saying that homosexuals (persons) are evil -- homosexual acts are disordered. We're not being hateful when we tell the truth -- embracing that lifestyle will only bring misery and will not lead to happiness and fulfillment. It is also not a permanent or pre-programmed destiny. They have free will. They can embrace the truth and love themselves more by caring enough to take better care of themselves.

You should try reading David Morrison to see what the Catholic position on homosexuality is all about.