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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Days of Infamy

"The Senate voted overwhelmingly in favour of a bill that would give the Therapeutic Goods Administration control of the drug (RU-486)." -- from The Age.

Last night on TV a young woman (couldn't have been older than 18) was wearing, and reciting, these shameful words: "keep your rosaries off my ovaries." Imported from Planned Parenthood, I believe -- both the crass line as well as the time-tested tactic to obscure the debate by making people believe that this is a matter of religion or ideology. It is not. As with any abortion method, this is a matter of life and death. RU-486 is particularly dangerous as its dangers have been verified.

I'm amazed that the senators of Australia could be so nonchalant in dismissing the findings of medical experts about the deaths conclusively found to have been caused by RU-486. How many? There's this doctor's findings about ten cases so far, but I think the number has gone up to 11 as of last year. Not to mention unreported cases and excluded cases where the mother developed but survived the various complications. Fatal infections? Heart attacks? Septic shock? Ruptured tubes? Did the senators consider these at all?

 The RU486 pill is medically unsafe. Overseas, RU486 has been associated with the deaths of 10 women. Experience shows that many women who use RU486 suffer excruciating pain – excessive bleeding, sometimes haemorrhaging. Vomiting and diarrhoea are also common. Italy, has reaffirmed their ban. Canada suspended approval for RU486 after their trial of it because of the death of women. The USA Congress has a Bill being considered to ban RU486 'Holly's Law.' The Senate Commitee confirmed the figures we used are correct that RU486 has a death rate 10 times greater than women having surgical abortion (up to 8 weeks) as discussed by Prof Greene in the December 2005 edition of the Journal of New England Medicine. (from the AARU486 website)
This ain't over yet. Please visit the site of the Australians Against RU486 and keep up the fight. And prayers for Australia, please, because the House of Representatives will be voting on this soon.


kevin h said...

I guess if it's okay to kill babies, it must be okay to kill a few mommies, too. No surprise there.

Jeff Tan said...

I guess it's all consistent. :-(