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Friday, February 24, 2006

Da Brown Antidote

A poorly named URL (just kidding), but this may nonetheless be a good resource. Just one of many resources out there, in fact. Every Christian and serious student of history should be capable of pointing out the flaws and outrageous lies peddled as "facts" in Dan Brown's work of fiction. When the movie comes out, and when the DVD comes out, the proper response should neither be to flame the DVC fans nor to join their ranks nor to sit quietly under a bombardment of DVC "facts". One should response charitably but confidently to correct the errors using historical evidence as well as logic. No, it's not necessarily to evangelize them on the spot. It suffices, I think, to dismantle the lies and fallacies in DVC to begin with. As I said, lots of resources out there, some online, including sermons by Orthodox Father Steven Tsichlis (part 1 and part 2), this article from The Greatest Journal, this article from Catholic medievalist Sandra Miesel. There are highly rated books as well, for example "De-Coding Da Vinci" by one of my fave bloggers, Amy Welborn.

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