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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A Nun On Fire for Christ

Got this story via the Curt Jester. Sister Clare Marie Klein, nun since age 17 (now 22), is all fired up:

" I fell in love with Jesus. When this happened, everything changed, and I wanted my whole life to be about Jesus. I am not saying that at that moment I became perfect! It's just that at a certain point, I realized that nothing matters without Him. ... There is no meaning, no purpose in life without God. ..."

And as for deciding to become a nun of her order at all, she says

"I saw their love for Jesus in the Eucharist, their dedication to service of the church, their devotion to the Blessed Mother, the centrality of Scripture, and the fact that the religious habit is still a reality in the community. As a young person of the current generation, signs and symbols are a necessity to me. I need to know and see the difference between one lifestyle and another, and I understand the importance of a visible witness."

Sister Clare should all the more be in our prayers, for perseverance on her part and so that the Holy Spirit will continue the good work that's been started in her.

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