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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Critiques and Reactions to "God on the Internet"

Over at the blog Against the Grain (Christopher Blosser's), summarizes the many critiques of Jonathan Last's "God on the Internet." It seems to not be sitting very well, particularly where the article appears to have gotten a few things wrong concerning Gregory Popcak's "Exceptional Marriages" website and Stephen Ray's "Defenders of the Catholic Faith." I happen to read the latter from time to time and find it an excellent resource. I feel that only half of what Mr. Ray offers in his ministry is for sale. Hardly a logical strategy for a business venture, I think. For whatever reason, Mr. Last jumps into the odd conclusion, presented as if it was fact, that Mr. Ray's website is primarily "to move product." Note to self: be careful not to offer opinion as if it were fact, and be most careful in getting the facts straight before presenting them.

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