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Friday, October 28, 2005

Time for a Song

I have never heard this sung here in Australia during the celebration of the Eucharist (the Mass, the Divine Liturgy), but we used to sing this a lot back in La Salle. One of my favorites, too. "Holy Spirit goosebumps" and all (borrowed that phrase from Gus Lloyd). God grant that I would surrender so much, and more -- and all.

Take and Receive

Take and receive, O Lord, my liberty.
Take all my will, my mind, and memory.
All things I hold, and all I own are thine.
Thine was the gift, to thee, I all resign.
Do thou direct and govern all and sway,
Do what thou wilt command, and I obey.
Only thy grace, thy love on me bestow,
These make me rich, all else will I forego.

(Googled and found at CaptainPineda)


Anonymous said...

Check out the songs from the Jesuit Music Ministry, Jeff, they are equally good. You might like "Out Of Roads" by Arnel Aquino, SJ.

Its from the album Something More -http://www.eaglescorner.com/cgi-bin/store/getProduct.cgi?product_id=3375

Jeff Tan said...

Thanks for the tip! I'll check that out. :-)

L P Cruz said...

I have a blog on Matatics. Let me know what you think of his stance

Venerable Aussie said...

After my little weekend retreat at Warburton aimed at helping one to sanctify everyday work, I'm all fired up! So just letting you know that Ive already let lp cruz know what I think of Matatics stance.

Jeff Tan said...

Thanks Venerable. Boy I wish I could go on a retreat again. My last retreat was more than a decade ago!

Venerable Aussie said...

My previous retreat was nearly 13 years ago! And every year since I always managed to have something else on... until this year when, in a very weak moment (Thank you Lord), I said yes!

It was a "silent" retreat so during meals we had a communal reading from a book, which happened to be Surprised By Truth Vol 3. One of the testimonies in this is by Pete Vere who went over to the sedevacantist-style side and by the Grace of God came back to Rome.

I've read your next post on Matatics (who visited Melbourne on a speaking tour about 10 years ago). You might get some interesting ideas from matt1618 at his site:


In fact this entire site is excellent. I only found it yesterday when doing some research on a bit of "homework" lp cruz had given me.

If you haven't read any of the Surprised by Truth books, take my word for it - they are great. Taking that tip from the retreat, I read one of the testimonies (the conversion of Tim Staples) from SBT Vol.1 at the tea table last night and though I feared it might end up a bit like that picture of your Francis asleep, my kids were actually riveted!