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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Even Drunk, He Prays

You might have to be Catholic to appreciate the joke. :)


L P Cruz said...

Hmmm, Jeff,

Is it an RC doctrine that only drunks are non RCs?

It is funny but I do not see how one can conclude that the drunk is no longer a RC.

Jeff Tan said...

Hi Lito,

No, there is no such doctrine in the Catholic Church. Why do you ask?

As for the confusion, perhaps it's just the sentence construction. It said:

"It was plainly evident that this man was or had been at one point in his life a Catholic."

The writer is suggesting that the man's reflexive answers mean that he was (at the time of that bus incident) Catholic or was formerly (but no longer) a Catholic. In short, that the habitual answers come from a strong Catholic influence.

L P Cruz said...


Why can it not be that the drunk is still Roman Catholic, that is the point.

Drinking though is not confined to RCs I agree.

T.O. said...

The story is told in the past tense -- it would be grammatically incorrect to say "He is a Catholic".