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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

To Protect or Not to Protect: It's a Silly Question

We protect our children from or regarding many things: unsafe play equipment, stairs, ladders, sharp objects -- so why do many folks claim that it is wrong when this protection is applied to their values? As this article explains, our kids should be protected in that regard, too. Obviously, they will face the "real world" soon enough. The secular world that doesn't know truth when it is right in front of it, keeps raising the stakes. Whether it's our TV, magazines -- the world is pouring in its gospel against God and common sense. We know that kids are not ready for many adult things simply because they can't understand it, regardless of how long you sit them down and explain things to them. I will probably be seen as overprotective and conservative, but I'm not about to neglect the care of their minds and souls, just so I could escape the stress of protecting them. By God's grace, I will raise them up ready for the real world, not by embracing it, but by teaching them what these words mean: "they are in the world, but not of the world." To do that, they must first learn that they are children of God. God willing, my sons will know that there IS truth, and that they can stand on it.

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