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Friday, April 22, 2005

Posts from Rome

Fundamental papist Catholics write about the moment of new Pope's first appearance at the Vatican. Tsk tsk. I know. I wish I'd been there, too. What a beautiful story. Viva il Papa! ;-) I wonder.. would Mark Shea sue me if I changed my blog name to "Papist and Enjoying It" or would my wife receive phone calls from our Evangelical friends consoling her?


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Jeff Tan said...

Thanks for dropping by. :-)

Yesterday I was at a gathering with friends and my friend's father started trashing the Papal inauguration and its costs. He also trashed the Catholic Church back home (the Philippines) and how the Vatican takes care of that because of the huge income generated by charities in the Philippines -- supposedly since the charity funds are sent back to Rome rather than used for the local charity services, e.g., hospitals, hospices, etc.

I was woefully outdrawn by his hostility and wasn't able to give a response. I'm not sure if responding could have done any good, though. It might have ended in a stalemate with tempers flaring -- not a pretty sight in a gathering of friends and their families.

Still, in case an occasion where a reasoned defense might stand a resaonable chance of success, I hope that the Holy Spirit will open my lips, disregarding my cowardice.