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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Disturbing the World

Every news report I've seen or read today made sure to highlight something negative about our new Pope Benedict XVI. When I sent Oswald Sobrino of Catholic Analysis a link about what the Left Behind Prophecy Club are saying about the death of John Paul the Great, he said something simple but profound. He pointed out that, even in death, he disturbs people who need to be disturbed. It's happening all over again with our new Holy Father, and I find it a source of comfort that he's disturbing the same people for all the right reasons. Many are disturbed that Catholic orthodoxy will be unlikely to wane under Pope Benedict XVI, and that is good, because it shouldn't wane. Seminary entries have picked up under Pope John Paul II because he firmly led with orthodoxy. Catholic youths have grown weary of the secular world and the ambiguity and mediocrity of secularism and the worship of the human body. Instead, they were captivated by Pope John Paul II because of his orthodoxy. Many others are disturbed that the Catholic Church under Pope Benedict XVI will be uncompromising with the modern world, and I find it a source of wry amusement that they still don't get it. If the Church wasn't built by Christ to constantly recall the world from a destructive path, to repentance and renewal, to faith and faithfulness to the ever-constant Jesus Christ, then what was it built for? The Church was built to call the world to discipleship, not the other way around. Let those who hate orthodoxy in the world be disturbed. Mr. Sobrino is right: they should be disturbed. Beware the preacher whose Christ does not challenge you, because Christ is the greatest challenge for humanity.

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