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Monday, May 25, 2015

Who am I to judge?

Psalm 81 says: How long will you judge unjustly and favour the cause of the wicked? Do justice for the weak and the orphan, defend the afflicted and the needy. Rescue the weak and the poor; set them free from the hand of the wicked.

How does one accomplish the above without judgment? Who is wicked, who is needy? Who is weak or poor?

While judgment of persons is God's province, since he alone sees into our intentions, we must all practice judgment of actions, both ours and those of others. Sometimes we must examine the acts of others and decide to emulate or oppose, to advocate or to question, to affirm or to caution. We cannot judge what we cannot see, such as the intentions behind the actions, unless they were self-confessed, for example. But we can see actions, and likely or certain consequences, and these, we can judge.  In certain cases, to withhold judgment can be irresponsible. And perhaps that had been happening far to much for far too long, to the destruction of many, many lives, generation after generation.

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