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Friday, May 23, 2014

It was not you who chose me...

.. No, I chose you; and commissioned you to go out and bear fruit .. (Jn 15:12-17)

This was something our parish priest pointed out last Sunday about or relationship with God: that He was the initiator, that He revealed himself, just as He loved us first. God is not something we discovered; He revealed himself to us.

Akin to this is, I think, our role in this relationship. I am still unsettled at hearing a theologian advocate for lay theologians givng the homily during the liturgy. I concede that he is correct in saying that many among them, thus qualified, may well know better and give better homilies than priests. There, too, are many lay people of greater virtue than many priests, but are not ordained to administer the sacraments. I think there are two points to consider: does one attain to the right to break the word (as one might break the bread), and is the act of liturgical and priestly significance? Do we gain these privileges on the merit of our degrees and personal holiness? A third point is this: what makes the lay theologian, who may well teach seminarians, school children and more, for several hours each week, want to take to the 15 minutes of the Sunday pulpit also? Is this about service, or power? I have no way to read that person's heart, but I think it is a fair question to ask if I argung the case for myself. Perhaps that is part of my discomfort, for I do have a desire to be a deacon, or a catechist. I must question my motives well, for if it is pride seeking such privilege, then I had better not become either.

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