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Friday, July 26, 2013

The gift of fatherhood

Parents of my eldest son's class were asked to write a letter to our sons that they are to open at camp. Writing mine, it reminded me of what a wonderful gift fatherhood is -- to me! In this, I was given insight into the heart of God himself, into the heart of fatherhood. I was given insight as well into my own heart, both where his grace and my shadows were apparent. I was entrusted with this wonderful human being, my son (and my other children), despite my frequent bouts with moodiness, grumpiness and foolishness. Yet was I trusted with so many arrows in my quiver. How gracious is God! St. Joachim and Ann, pray for this foolish father, that I may not mess my children up too much even as God brings them up through me. Amen!

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