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Monday, May 27, 2013

The Truth, The Lie and the Last Battle - Troy Hinkle

Troy Hinkle posts his reflections on current events in comparison with C. S. Lewis' "The Last Battle", and he hits a few home runs, I think. When I read that last Narnian book years ago, and when I read it again more recently, I remember that the unfaithful dwarves struck me the most: their cynicism and apostasy after having being confronted with the truth, their disillusionment and weariness from Shift's lies, they filled me with no small amount of dread because their reaction was understandable. I remember thinking, Who can blame them? But then I realize as well that they are not innocent of wrongdoing either. There is something wrong with the fact that they went along with atrocities that they would surely have known to be evil acts. Sure, they got tired of the lies that had caused their lives so much bitterness and injustice, but they also got so lazy that they were no longer interested in the truth -- and that is something we must never tire of seeking: Truth. No matter how bad things get, we must never think that the truth no longer matters. It always matters, and it does exist! The great irony is that many who would claim to be enlightened, rational intellectuals contradict this truism by subscribing to relativism.

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