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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The same person .. who commissions

St. Paul wrote in Galatians 1:13-2:10, among other things, "The same person whose action had made Peter the apostle of the circumcised had given me a similar mission to the pagans." It struck me as a note of such hope (that should be obvious to any Christian) that the same God who calls our greatest apostles, Peter and Paul, called me to my own office: husband and father, and my other offices in addition: son, brother, colleague, teacher -- and in all these roles, always the same mission: son of God, in the only begotten Son of God in whose body I belong.

Pope Benedict XVI abdicates

Today, I heard with sorrow that Pope Benedict XVI is abdicating his office as bishop of Rome by the end of February. It was not a passing sorrow, but a sickening distress, having followed his work and teaching (though not closely enough!) and knowing what need the Church and the world has for him. My sorrow was compounded by hearing the thoughts of a certain media favorite, a priest with heterodox leanings, on the radio. Here was someone who should really know better, who had nothing good to say about the situation, but was opening his mouth anyway. Later it hit me that I should not fret so: the same person who raised up Peter and Paul as our able shepherds also raised up Blessed John Paul and Pope Benedict. Whatever befalls the Church, we have the promises of Christ that the gates of Hell will never prevail. The keys of the kingdom will be passed on to a successor bishop of Rome, and ultimately, it is Christ who reigns.

In the meantime, I will pray for Pope Benedict, grateful for his devoted service to the Church and her Master, praying for his well-being as he will continue guiding the barque of Peter up to the end of this month. I also resolved to give up worrying over the empty comments from the ignorant and heterodox. I don't think it is my place to search for such baying and raucous cawing, only to waste time and temper in posting comments. If I should meet such untruths within earshot, however, maliciously delivered or not, that would be a different story...

Better thoughts than mine on Pope Benedict's abdication can be found at Jimmy Akin's blog..

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