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Friday, October 07, 2011

Steve Jobs on dogma

His 2005 address at a graduation was featured on tv this morning, and the word "dogma" caught my attention. He advises the graduates to not be prisoners of someone else's thinking. And that is true, he's onto something there, and I hope he truly understood his own words. Dogma would be a mandated doctrine, but so are laws of the land, policies of your employers, even laws of Physics. People don't think of those as dogma, normally, but they are products of other people's thinking. That isn't the problem, though. We accept non-religious dogma all the time. And we sometimes leave it alone without questioning it either, especially if we are honest about what we don't know. But it is so liberating when we get off our bums and finally question them in order to actually understand them! Don't be afraid of dogma! Question it, examine it, analyze it, then make it your own if it passes muster. Catholic or Christian dogma does not imprison me because they made sense after I studied them in earnest and with prayer. Some, of course, are beyond full comprehension, but they made sense, often by analogy, but always logically. I think Mr. jobs was onto many truths, and his passion for creating and discovery was marvellous. May he now know rest and eternal peace. May God show him His kindness and mercy, and let him see His countenance forever.

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