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Sunday, August 14, 2011

We the faithful..

I have never been comfortable referring to myself as one of the faithful, knowing that everyday, some wrongdoing of mine, i.e., sin, belies a claim of being one of the faithful, if ever I made that claim. So pardon me if I am wary of groups who refer to themselves as the faithful and then dissent from the Magisterium in the same open letter that reads like the demands made of elected officials. And indeed, they mention in that open letter that they want a "return to a more accountable and consultative process for the appointment of bishops." Remember Saul and David? One was elected by the people and the other would not have possibly been voted into office, being but a boy. Which one did God appoint and anoint? Which one was a disaster and which one was the greatest king of Israel exceeded only (of course) by Jesus Christ, his descendant? Strange too this supposed return to the earlier practice of some consultative process: I don't recall reading that the Apostles were appointed by consultation, nor was Paul, nor were the holy patriarchs, kings (except for Saul) and judges of Israel. For flesh and blood does not reveal the truth of who Jesus is (and how we are to live, therefore), but our Father in heaven. Most of my adult life, I've lived in a country where officials are all elected and many of them become corrupt. These days, I live under officials who make sure that they do not exercise their own judgment. Despite their "personal opposition" to certain things, they vote or do only as their constituents wish, which sometimes means legalizing murder and injustice, to pander to their voters. Heaven forbid that our bishops, our spiritual fathers anointed by Christ, should behave like that!

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