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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

About this blog

As I have recently informed family and friends recently about this blog, it is probably appropriate to explain a few things about this blog.

Why? I started this blog years ago as I began to journey deeper into my Catholic faith. This was mostly prompted by my having fallen in love with, married and now have four children with an Evangelical Protestant. But that was just the beginning. Back in college, I was aware of the growing Evangelical presence within the university. Soon after the Internet became prominently part of life (and my career), my eyes were opened to the distressing scandal of schisms and heterodoxy among Christians. Over the years, the distress seemed to focus into a calling. I started this blog mostly (I think) to collect my thoughts on the subject matter, but also to reach out to those who might drop by. It is my prayer that, by God's grace, I may participate in the work of the Holy Spirit in bringing Christianity back into reasonable and visible communion.

How? I offer my thoughts and my prayers. I offer my time to prayerfully research matters of division that should not be. I believe (as many do) that most people hate what they think is the Catholic Church, but is, in reality, a misrepresentation of it. It is not my place to judge people and groups, and may I never do so. My sincere belief is that most branches of non-Catholic Christianity are on the right track but are sorely missing essential elements of the deposit of faith that comes down to us through the Apostles. Thus do they miss out on the fullness of Truth that Christ wills and willed for us to all share within the Church.


Monica said...

Hi Jeff!!
Just discovered your blog, and I'm pretty excited about it. It's refreshing to see someone passionate about the importance of working towards healing the divisions in the Church! Looking forward to delving into your writings a bit more. :)

Jeff Tan said...

Welcome! I am a very sporadic blogger, as you'll soon notice with sometimes months of silence, but you are most welcome.