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Monday, January 07, 2008

Get a Catholic revert on Evangelical radio show

.. and you get an interesting 2 hours. Dr. Francis Beckwith went on his first interview on Stand To Reason concerning his reversion to the Catholic Church. There is a modest discussion about this interview at the Catholic Answers forum, too. While Dr. Beckwith was indeed unprepared for the specific topics, he gave some rather good answers and I learned a few things from the whole thing -- mainly a better idea about what sort of issues due arise from a Evangelical-to-Catholic conversion/reversion. Dr. Beckwith's blogged account of his conversion appears to be cached via google. The Right Reason blog reports errors when attempting to recover archived blogs (the blog was closed down October 2007).

So what did I find interesting about the interview? For one, that it was identified at some point that the issues of justification and authority are key. I also learned the continuity of the doctrines on sanctification as pertaining to Purgatory and indulgences. A few other things struck me, also, but it'll be a few days for me to digest.

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