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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Why do I blog about Christian (dis)unity?

Discussion between Lito and myself, which started with my post here about a former Calvinist (now Catholic), continues in this post. The latter post took off from Lito's points about what THE Church that Christ built means, and has now spilled over to the canon of the Old Testament.

I tend to shy away from debates because I am not worthy. I am neither a biblical scholar, nor a historian, nor am I even an exemplar of Christianity. But I started a blog, and I love posting conversion stories, and I have always felt drawn to the topics that divide Christians, which, to me, are a grave scandal and a terrible rejection of the Spirit of unity which the Lord infused into the Church 2000 years ago. I can never, ever, swallow the notion that disunity is something we have to live with, because the Lord was so explicit in his will for the unity of his flock, a unity which, he prays, mirrors the oneness of the Son and the Father in the Trinity. That oneness leaves no room for doctrinal contradictions and ambiguity.

And that is why I continue to blog about this.

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