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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

That elusive male contraceptive

BBC news reports that they are still at it, though. Some gems:

  • Fertility experts welcomed the work, saying it could mean couples could share contraceptive responsibility.
    -- Contraceptive responsibility as against parental responsibility. Nice.
  • "For women, it would be another form of liberation."
    -- No, it would be another form of exploitation -- of women.
  • "There is a need for something that men can take."
    -- Yes, they can take responsibility and use their will and reason. We're men, not beasts.

There's this sense of urgency in this field of research, because, you know, we're sexual animals, completely out of control, always fertile, the whole fertility cycle thing is a myth, and the evolution of man has not yet gotten rid of the reproduction side-effect. Until then, science holds the key to fruitless sex. Ah yes, science: pouring on more tax dollars to fund research into the ultimate pursuit: sexual pleasure!

No wonder entire cultures are in danger of becoming self-extinguished!

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