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Thursday, January 19, 2006

National Day of Action Against RU486

Just passing along the word from Credibility Blog (fellow Melburnian) that January 29 is a day to voice opposition to RU486, a chemical abortificent:
  The abortion pill Bill has been introduced in the Senate, so our special focus for the National Day of Action will be on writing and signing letters to Senators. Senator Steve Fielding has reiterated the importance of doing just this, writing to Senators:
"Write to your state's Senators and tell them to vote against the RU 486 Bill to stop even more abortions and to show genuine concern for women."
To obtain a National Day of Action Information Pack, or for further inquiries, contact the National Office of Australians Against RU486 by email, phone or mail (details below). Make sure you give us your mailing address and a contact name, and advise us how many letters your church/group may be able to sign.
Email us: info@aaru486.org.au
Phone the National Office: (02) 9357 1684

National Office
Australians Against RU486
225 Glenmore Road
Paddington NSW 3021

Ursula Stephens, Labor Senator for NSW and Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Science
"The sole purpose of the drug RU486 is to cause the death of an unborn child. This makes it different to other drugs. It's importation and use is an ethical and moral issue that needs to be discussed and to remain a responsibility of the Minister for Health, who can then be held accountable."
Please read through the FAQ page prepared by AARU486. Then please contact the National Office of Australians Against RU486 to get involved if possible.

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